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Marina talks about 2 weeks spent in Thai courses

Phuket Rawai Language School

The idea and desire to go to Phuket came to me quite spontaneously. It was the beginning of spring, a harsh winter was held in Kiev, which was already very tired of frosts, snow and winds. I wanted to warm, and away from home. The hackneyed resorts of Egypt and Turkey did not cause much admiration, and I decided to choose the welcoming Asian and warm country of Thailand. After reviewing the photos, I finally decided …

It will be Phuket. A small, calm island in the Andaman Sea, it should be nice there … Camping trips at the prices do not differ from study trips, so it was decided to take a two-week Thai course at a school in Rawai and accommodation in apartments …

Upon arrival

On the first day of arrival, I was most impressed with mopeds (small, nimble, comfortable), left-hand traffic (in my opinion, uncomfortable, although this is a matter of habit) and Thai outlets (those who have already traveled to Thailand will be easier (outlets are identical) , and I have to buy a new adapter in every country).

I was met at the airport and taken to my apartment …)) The room was quite spacious and clean, wooden furniture, a large mirror, a writing table near the window … The accommodation was fully consistent with the money paid and I was glad again that I didn’t settle in a hotel where every time there are some surprises …

About school

The school was not far from the apartments, which could not but rejoice. No buses, transfers, setting an alarm an hour earlier. I woke up at 9-50, dressed and went to class. You can have breakfast at the break …))


The teaching was very “home”. Small classes, the number of people did not exceed 7-8. I passed the testing easily, it was no different from what we usually passed at the university. The teacher was a cute middle-aged woman. She immediately asked why we needed English and tried to give exactly what we came for, giving everyone the necessary amount of time. I had a vague idea of ​​my knowledge after graduation, in other words, I could not assess my level myself, but I knew that I had “gaps”. From each lesson I wrote out at least 50-70 new words, although I thought that after the translation department this should not be. But the more I delve into the study of the language, the more I understand how much I still do not know …

Communication with the group also took place in English, not counting one guy from St. Petersburg. By the way, he got his way and is now making a career in the restaurant business.

I really liked the school, it is called Phuket Rawai Language School.

I wish you a successful trip and an unforgettable experience!


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