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The head of the immigration department of Thailand confirmed the ban on VisaRun

The general said: We were too soft and condescending. Some of the reasons that contributed to this decision were also voiced: Disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines liner.

Two Irish citizens got on a plane with documents stolen in Phuket. Illegally working illegal immigrants are also a big problem for Thailand, the general said.

Citizens of various nationalities come to Thailand on a tourist visa, then work illegally. Naturally, we are not talking about any tax payments. The general noted that Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians – will be under special control. Also, we will not disregard citizens of other nationalities.

We do not cancel the entry and exit from the country on a tourist visa, but with regular border crossing it will be necessary to provide a number of documents from the travel company, as well as confirm solvency.

30 days is enough for an ordinary tourist. If someone needs to arrive in the country for a longer period, then it will be necessary to provide a travel plan, and if the customs officers have any suspicions, the case will be checked more carefully and if the officers come to the conclusion that the purpose of the trip does not coincide with the declared one, then these people will be deported from the country and blacklisted. For such people, entry into the country will be closed forever.

Electronic fingerprinting of people arriving in Thailand has also been introduced.


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